About Company

Ukrainian Industrial Resources, LLC (UIR) was established in the year of 1999 as the Ukrainian company with 100% foreign investments. The Company is engaged with the production, marketing and distribution of a wide assortment of branded toilet and laundry bar soaps as well as manufacturing of private label products.

UIR produces more than 70 SKU’s of bar soaps in two main categories:  toilet soap (including cosmetic soap, kid’s soap, and cream-soap) and laundry soap. The Company’s portfolio includes also detergent for baby’s clothing.

The UIR’s soap is made of the natural materials, meets international quality standards, and has special skin nourishing and softening components. The unique formula of our products, which combines centuries-old knowledge and the latest scientific achievements, is approved by the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine.

The sales geography of UIR’s products covers all regions of Ukraine via well-developed distribution network as well as the markets of CIS countries (Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Baltic countries).

One of the growing businesses of the company is private label and toll manufacturing.