«Lanita» Cosmetic Bar Soap

“Lanita” bar soap is an excellent quality cosmetic soap that is made of the natural components and has the price acceptable for a wide range of consumers. Nourishing your skin gently and carefully, this soap is not inferior to the soaps of the famous brands.

“Lanita” cosmetic bar soap, 125g unit package

 “Lanita” Shea Butter

Toilet cream-soap with the delicious Shea Butter (or karite) perfectly softens and moistens the skin, removes skin flaking. You enjoy ultimately clean skin free from the feeling of tightness and dryness! And this is not a complete list of the tropical tree values (as well as the soap itself!): it rejuvenates, makes the skin firm, promotes collagen synthesis in it, slows down the aging processes, and prevents dewatering and drying out of the skin, protects against the adverse environmental influence.

This tender and fragrant “Lanita” bar soap with Shea Butter contains vegetable glycerin and other valuable nutritious oils that neutralize water hardness. The result is beautiful, moistened, radiant and protected skin all days long!

Lanita” Yoghurt + Strawberry

“Lanita” cosmetic bar cream-soap by a caring manufacturer gives you a pleasure and provides an efficient skin care – it gently cleans and moistens the skin, maintains its natural balance. Skilled masters of the company designed a wonderful formula that enabled to create “Lanita” bar cream-soap for the people with sensitive skin.

People with normal skin can stop using moistening products after taking shower or bath without feeling of tightness or other manifestations of discomfort.

Natural fruits and milk extract as ingredients of this soap make it special: light, soft, airy, fragrant. Milk extract cleans, moistens and nourishes the skin, while strawberry saturates it with healthy mineral nutrients, vitamins and enriches with the incredible aroma that lifts up the mood and charges with energy.

“Lanita” with Sea Minerals

It is very hard to make a decision when there are such a variety of cosmetics in the market. Often, when making a choice in favor of a product we are guided by information of its benefits. “Lanita” bar cream-soap with Sea Minerals will surely attract your attention by a formula containing algae extract that favorably effects blood circulation. This soap not only cleans the skin and gives it elasticity but also can improve its condition and appearance. Also it can trigger the elimination of toxins and healing of wounds and scratches.

Having washed with this soap you will feel freshness and vitality of your face.

“Lanita” with Olive and Almond Oils

The delicate skin of hands is always subject to negative influence of environment and with time becomes rough and dry due to constant use of household chemicals. So, pretty ladies should be very scrupulous when choosing cosmetics for hands skin care. We offer an excellent solution for delicate skin: cosmetic bar cream-soap “Lanita” with Olive and Almond oils.

The ideal composition based on natural ingredients contains tender oils and protective components that will take care of gentle cleaning and treatment of your skin. Olive and almond oils perfectly nourish and moisten dry skin preventing over-drying and appearance of small fissures, saturate skin with water, maintain natural water balance  and promote its elasticity and freshness.

Light texture of the soap produces perfect foam and can be easily washed away. A hypo-allergic formula is perfect for all types of skin, does not cause irritation and reddening.











Type of soap

Toilet cosmetic cream-soap bar






Transparent polypropylene film  w/o color print  +  carton box (1х90g)


Corrugated box

Number of units in corrugated box, pcs.

60 (net weight — 5.4 kg)