«Lanita» Cosmetic Bar Soap

“Lanita” bar soap is an excellent quality cosmetic soap that is made of the natural components and has the price acceptable for a wide range of consumers. Nourishing your skin gently and carefully, this soap is not inferior to the soaps of the famous brands.

“Lanita” cosmetic bar soap, 90g unit package

 “Lanitashea butter

Shea butter or karite oil is the fatty oil that is extracted from the shea fruit pulp of the shea butter tree, which grows in Africa. Thanks to the unique properties of shea butter tree it is called the African miracle. Its main ingredients include the triglycerides, which facilitate the skin moistening and protection against the adverse environmental influence, and unsaponifiable fats that have regenerating properties and promote the collagen synthesis in the skin.  Owing just to these and other useful substances the application of shea butter for facing skin help to cope with the skin problems such as dryness, exfoliation, callosed skin, premature ageing, face gray color, and many other.

Lanitayoghurt + strawberry

Being the most popular berry in cosmetics, strawberry appears the first among the berries in early summer as if it is in hurry to satiate our organism starved for vitamins.

These berries contain vitamins С, В1, В2, a little bit of vitamin А, mineral salts of ferrum, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, and phytoncids. The strawberry moistens the skin and makes it firm. The strawberry combining with yoghurt gives a life impulse to the tired and pale skin, making it smooth and healthy.

Lanitaoat milk

The oats are perfect for the sensitive skin that is prone to irritation and reddening. The oat milk is notable for high content of minerals; it includes calcium, silicium, chrome, ferrum, manganese, and iodine. However, the key benefit of the oat milk for the skin is the biotin (vitamin B complex). This vegetable milk has softening, calming and protective effects for dry and hypersensitive skin.












Type of soap

Toilet cosmetic cream-soap bar






Transparent polypropylene film  w/o color print  +  carton box (1х90g)


Corrugated box

Number of units in corrugated box, pcs.

60 (net weight — 5.4 kg)