«Tsars Bath» Bath Soap

A bar soap line «Tsar’s Bath» is an event in the segment of bath soap. This soap is developed for those, for whom sauna is not only a hygienic procedure but, first of all, is a source of health and beauty.

“Tsars Bath” toilet bar soap, 150g unit package

“Tsars Bath – rejuvenating apple”
makes the soft cream-like foam, has a rich apple aroma lifting up the mood. Our “Rejuvenating Apple” and a healer – the Russian banya, will easily wash out your fatigue and sickness, take care of the body and soul gently providing cleanness, rejuvenation and a the sound health!

“Tsars Bath – ripe berry”

Our soap “Ripe Berry” is intended  for romantic and extravagant, kind and strict, passionate and tender, beloved and loving themselves and, of course, the Russian banya women. Our soap and wonderful banya will give you the memorable feelings! You will feel like a princess – not worse! And thanks to seductive aroma that the soap will give to your skin the others will perceive you as a charming and fragrant “berry”.

“Tsars Bath – rare fruit”
For those, who love the Russian banya for its unique feel, opportunity to relax, be off of overweight of care, and enjoy steam and heat, we would like to offer our bar soap “Rare Fruit”. Its refreshing and tonic aroma will complement your feelings and provide you with the sunny mood at any weather!

“Tsars Bath – Heroic Might”
This bar soap will perfectly suit those who are tired of dusty & noisy cities and those who’re missing contact with nature. With our bar soap “Tsar’s Bath – Heroic Might” you can get closer to nature and feel the walk in the woods. This soap not only makes the body clean, but also encourages, generates high spirits and gives strength, Its aroma will make you forget all the problems and worries, tune you up to a harmonic and positive riff.

“Tsars Bath – Hard Nut”
At all times coconut bar soap has been used by the sailors on voyages: its ability to foam well even in seawater makes it irreplaceable when other soapy things are of no use. If you fare with the children to the sea or country-side where there are no any water softening additives, take our bar soap with you without any doubts! Gentle foam and coconut aroma will charge you with pleasant feelings and breathtaking pleasure! You will feel like a real Captain, ready for any challenges and adventures! Of course, you should not experiment on aquarium fishes - after all, you would not like to drink soapy water either). This fancy-versatile bar soap is a must to have when traveling!

“Tsars Bath – Bee’s Gift”
Do you like honey? We just adore it: delicate, golden, fragrant, a little piece of a warm sunshine! And honey can not only be eaten! This gift of the busy bees is also an excellent cosmetic product, a treasure trove of useful substances that have a beneficial effect on the skin of the face and body. Our bar soap is perfect for all types of skin, even for the most tender and sensitive. Thanks to its unique composition of all-natural ingredients, it will become a gentle and caressing companion for all your spa rituals.









Type of soap

Toilet soap bar






Polypropylene film  with color print (1х150g)


Corrugated box

Number of units in corrugated box, pcs.

72 (net weight — 10.8 kg)