«Lanita» Toilet Bar Soap

The first soap made on the basis of extracts of the natural medicinal herbs, presented to a low price segment. Extracts of natural medicinal herbs which are used in “Lanita” soap are very popular in traditional folk medicine. Curative properties of such plants as plantain, hop, flax, linden, sage are known from an antiquity and now are accessible to everyone! Has a pleasant herbal scent!

Lanita” toilet bar soap, 65g unit package

“Lanita” salvia extract

The extract of salvia has a softening and bactericidal effect. It neutralizes and brings the toxins out of the skin cells. It normalizes the processes of skin renovation and regeneration, and exerts beneficial influence on dry skin.

“Lanita” hop extract

Soap with the hop extract contains phytohormones that are often used in cosmetics formulations for the purpose of inhibiting the skin aging. The soap is very effective for aging skin care.

“Lanita” plantain extract

Plantain is well-known remedy for healing the wounds, has antiseptic and sedative effect on skin, and stabilizes the problematic and dry sensitive skin. Healing properties of plantain are effective in repair of wounds and skin microfissures.

“Lanita” linden extract

The extract of linden blossom take a gentle sedative, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect, strengthens the tissues, optimizes the wound- and microfissures healing. Linden blossom has antiseptic properties and stimulates the immunity.

“Lanita” flax seeds extract

Being one of the ingredients of the soap composition, the extract of flax seeds has emollient effect, is effective in inflammatory diseases of skin, wounds, furuncles and ulcers, and also prepares the skin for absorption of cosmetic cream ingredients.














Type of soap

Toilet soap bar






Polypropylene film  with color print (1х65g)


Corrugated box

Number of units in corrugated box, pcs.

72 (net weight — 4.68 kg)