Additional Information

Having high production capabilities and possessing the vast experience in bar soap production, our Company can offer you various alternative conditions of bar soap production under your own trademark: from an analog of any our product to the recipe developed based on your wishes.     

In order to provide an excellent servicing of your needs, Ukrainian Industrial Resources have in disposal:

  • a range of molds for 65 to 200g soap production; moreover, an exclusive mold may be manufactured at your desire in order to enable you to produce the soap of one-and-only shape not presented at any market;
  • a wide range of recipes for cosmetic, toilet, kids and laundry bar soaps; besides, our specialists are willing to develop any recipe for product according to the task set by the customer. The recipe may include the natural extracts and oils, innovative cosmetic and perfume products to make your product unique and more competitive;
  • packing capabilities for your product;